CORE VALUE (i.e. Why Us?)

Our core value is an unique ability to accurately assess and appreciates the real value of the company and solution we represents. This is fundamental to selling, that we can talk about your company and products in true passion. We are also very good at discovering the “outliers” in Japan – those who are early adopters of new technology, concept or methodology – something much harder to discover in Japan – as Japan is inherently group culture and outliers are rare commodities. Why? Simple – because we are “outliers” ourselves :). We are your EVANGELIST.


Japan is an “island” or “village” culture and reputation based society. You will need to earn your reputation to become part of this society. You will often need patience to break into this market, but once you are in and part of this society, you will be able to run a prosperous business for many years, while your competitions struggles and eventually give up. How do you build reputation when you have no brand in Japan? This is where we help you, as a face of your business.


Hard earned reputation could be lost in one critical mistake and we have seen many such failures in the past. Once you build reputation and in the market, in order to maintain and augment relationships with partners and clients, with challenge of cultural differences, integrity and fairness are the key factors for Japanese market. We will always support you from this perspective, and you will be able to overcome critical issues that could arise from time to time during the market penetration process.


We regard ourselves as “one of the kind” company and we are able to claim that as we are very much inspiration driven. In this fast-changing, chaotic world, there are so many unpredictable and it is often difficult to judge “what is the right direction?”. We strongly believe that inspiration is often the only way to navigate, and we were so far rewarded by success of our clients and also the unique and fruitful journey we have walked with our clients. How do we know if it is an inspiration or just a random thoughts? Well, if you are interested enough about this question, please come talk to us and we will at least enjoy conversation on this topic (smile)