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Who We Are

We have been working at the frontier of technology innovations for over 20 years with overseas and domestic start-up companies, venture-minded people and outliers.

We have worked in many industry segments including financial, travel & accommodations, quantum computing, energy market, cyber security, smart building/city and metaverse. We continue to take on new challenges in new industries with various pioneers in both Japanese and oversea companies, and many projects simultaneously.

For start-ups, we are an invaluable partner who can run with them in true partnership, jointly tackle challenges, develop strategies, discover early adopters, grow the team, and offer advisory and coaching where necessary.

For the established enterprises and SMEs, we introduce them to a curated list of start-ups, solutions, partners, contacts, and information that they would not otherwise be able to obtain.

We provide the world with unique value that can only be achieved by being a meta-company that belongs to many organizations, yet does not belong to anything.

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We have worked with our clients on many challenging and extraordinary projects together.

Starting from scratch and building a brand, growing a client's customer base and revenue, dealing with government regulations, and resolving critical company-to-company and people-to-people relationship issues are all areas in which we have a tremendous amount of experience.

Our clients' success is our greatest pleasure.

Our Client

Our Clients

The logos below are a partial list of our clients.

Our clients span a wide range of industries including finance, quantum computing, cybersecurity, metaverse, travel, smart buildings, and hotels, but the common denominator is that they are all unique companies at the frontier of innovation.